Mohammed Shami Shuts Down Haters Again With Shayari And A Pic With His Wife

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11:42 am 2 Jan, 2017


We reported earlier, that because of moral policing Mohammed Shami got slammed for sharing a photograph on Christmas with his wife, Hasin Jahan, in which she was wearing a sleeveless gown.

But, that didn’t stop Shami. To wish his fans a Happy New Year, Shami again shared a picture with his wife. This amazing counter attack is an answer that he won’t take away his wife’s liberty just because some people don’t like it!

Though many replies to this photograph of Shami have new year’s wishes but a few still tried to moral police. They tried slamming Shami yet again…


But, does Shami care? NO!

He has just one answer to all the moral police out there: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!