Deepika Padukone’s Stylist Shaleena Nathani Took A Jibe At Priyanka-Nick wedding, Gets Slammed!

1:06 pm 24 Nov, 2018


Social media is a scary place and when you’re closely associated with big names in an industry like Bollywood, then your every action comes under scanner. But Shaleena Nathani, stylist of Deepika Padukone, wasn’t aware of this fact and she had to face the wrath for her one small action. Nathani got slammed for indirectly taking a jibe at Priyanka Chopra and PeeCee fans quickly turned into maniacs. They left no stones unturned to bash her on Instagram. Let’s tell you in detail what happened.

It all started when a fan page of Deepika Padukone left a negative comment on Priyanka’s photo that read “Trying too hard” on Priyanka Chopra’s picture with Nick Jonas. Shaleena ended up liking the comment and what happened next was no less than a nightmare for her.




This was the photo on which the fan page left a comment and Shaleena liked it. In response, One user wrote:

“@shaleenananthani You’re so insecure girl, like fave like fans like stylist so so disrespectful.”



A user took a photo of Deepika and Shaleena and wrote:

“Finally Deepika Padukone and her stylist @shaleenanathani show their true colour. Insecure, jealous, attention seeker, copycat. Never expected this from Deepika’s stylist and no wonder why people call Deepika Padukone as a fashion blunder.”



While another wrote:

“Shaleena Nathani and probably Deepika Padukone too are feeling SOO insecure and scared that these two will take away the limelight. Nobody ever cared for deepveer wedding so they have good reason to feel scared.”

After being attacked by PeeCee fans, Shaleena unliked the comment, left by Deepika fan page. But it was too late by then.




It is sad how the fans turn into an aggressive crowd of maniacs and leave no one for anything against their favourite. Keyboard warriors have made the social media platform a battleground. What is your thought on it? Do you also feel scared while expressing your opinions?