8 Lesser Known Facts About Shakti Kapoor That’ll Surprise You

11:30 am 6 Sep, 2018


Actor Shakti Kapoor just turned 66 years old on September 3, 2018. The Indian actor has entertained the audiences for the past 45 years. Kapoor is famous for the comic and villainous characters he plays. Did you know that he has been a part of about 700 Indian films over the course of his career?

Well, this isn’t the only thing most people don’t know about the actor. There are many more! We bring you a list of 8 lesser known facts about Shakti Kapoor.


1. Real name

The first thing is that you might not know about Shakti is that his actual name is Sunil Sikendarlal Kapoor. But the actor did not find this name to be impactful enough. So, he then changed his name to Shakti Kapoor when he entered Bollywood.




2. True Dilliwala

Kapoor was born into a Punjabi family in Delhi. And his father owned a tailor shop in the Connaught Place area of the capital city.



3. What did he study?

Another lesser-known secret about Shakti Kapoor is that he’s a pass out from the Karori Mal College of Delhi University.



4. About his college

Not only did the actor complete his bachelor’s from the prestigious Delhi University. But he also went on to further enroll in the FTII in Pune.



5. Battling addiction

Another secret about the actor is that he battled serious alcohol addiction. As per rumors, the actor could not wait to get back home or to get to a bar to get his drink on.



6. Like father, like daughter?

The same sources also suggest that Shakti Kapoor’s daughter Shraddha hated her father’s alcoholic addition.



7. The TV career!

In 2011, the actor participated in Color Tv’s reality TV show Bigg Boss, in an attempt to sort his image out. During his time in the show, the actor went on without an ounce of alcohol.



8. Facing parent’s wrath

Shakti took his parent to see his movie Insanyat Ke Dushman in which he had a rape scene. On seeing that, his parent got angry at him and left the theatre.



Which of these facts about Shakti Kapoor surprised you the most?

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