From Shakalaka Boom Boom To Working With SRK, This Girl Has Come A Long Way

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5:29 pm 16 Nov, 2016

If you’re reading this right now, most probably you have grown up watching Sanju and his friends hopping on their cycles for new adventures everyday. ”Shaka Laka Boom Boom” was our staple diet and long after all these years, the actors of the show have grown up just like all of us.

While pretty Hansika Motwani never quite left the limelight, Sanju’s hot grown up avatar was discovered early this year. In between these two, was the adorable Ritu. She is indeed that tomboy, cool girl who never left Sanju’s side, always helped him out and called him on his bullshit when necessary.



Sainee Raj has grown up not to be just beautiful but to also become a writer, actor and an assistant director.

She might not be super-proud of Shakalaka Boom Boom anymore

But she’s indeed a proud writer now.

She wrote Shahrukh Khan’s super-viral video for Facebook – and if those were her words, damn, she’s brilliant!

Sainee has a blog of her own called ”The Magic of moving Pictures”.

Here, she posts reviews of Bollywood movies, Netflix originals as well as documentaries. Her writings are not just informative but some of them are soul stirring – like this one very popular ”terribly tiny tale”.


She has conceptualized and co-wrote ‘Int. Cafe: Night’ with Anurag Basu. If you dig deep, you’ll find her starring in RGV’s ”Darna Zaroori Hai” and ”Traffic Jam” too.

In fact, she recently starred in Anurag Basu’s TV series “Stories by Rabindranath Tagore” too.

A multi-talented Sainee seems to be a perfect epitome of the new emerging generation of actors and writers in Bollywood who are not afraid to throw away the cliched Bollywood rulebook.


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