Shahid Is Upset With Arjun Kapoor’s Remark On Ishaan Khatter? His Reactions Say So!

5:12 pm 14 Jan, 2019


Koffee With Karan season 6 is perfectly right in terms of the juicy and flavoury content. I mean, expecting some bang on masala from KJo’s show is only natural. By far, the show has been graced by the most happening of personalities which left us fans all amazed! And the recent celebs who were indeed a part of the hit show were Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter. Yo! The show was impressive as usual. And we couldn’t help but give a standing ovation! However, there were some moments where we could literally smell the awkwardness which was around!

This happened when KJo shared a short video in which Arjun Kapoor had mentioned that “Ishaan keeps buzzing around Janhvi”. Apparently, this invoked the doting and protective side of Shahid. His reactions were really pointing towards the fact!




As per a media publication, as soon as he watched the clip Shahid said,

“I don’t know how often Arjun is around Janhvi to know how much Ishaan is buzzing around her. I wonder. Because I mean, are they around each other a lot?”



Well, he even mentioned,

“For him (Arjun) to have so much detail into your buzzing. Or is he assuming that? Based on the basis of how much Janhvi talks about you or that he hears about it?”



As per the report, Ishaan also responded to the Arjun’s comment. He said,

“I am just generally buzzing around and some of it happens to be, sort of”.



However, Shahid intervened and said, 

“Ishaan is buzzing around most people. So, it’s not that as if, it’s, you know, Janhvi is not special like that. Okay? She should know this.”



Shahid was also quoted as saying, 

“Janhvi, he buzzes around a lot of people and it started many years ago with his mother and with me and now you’re one of those people he buzzes around, so he’s a buzzy guy”.


Watch this video, the show was fun-filled it seems:




Now, after reading all the aforementioned statements, it is only natural to assume that Shahid Kapoor was actually bothered by Arjun’s remark. What do you think?

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