Virat Kohli, Kapil Dev And Others Slam Shahid Afridi Left, Right And Center, For Kashmir Tweet

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3:44 pm 5 Apr, 2018


In one of the biggest security operations carried out in Kashmir recently, as many as 12 terrorists were killed and one was captured alive. In the gun battle with the terrorists, 3 Indian soldiers also lost their lives. The operation is believed to have given a major setback to terror outfits like Hizbul Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Taiba in the Kashmir region.


Shahid Afridi. Crickettracker



On this, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi tweeted:



But this did not go well with many Indian cricketers. Earlier, Gautam Gambhir had slammed Afridi in a tweet saying that it is “OUR Kashmir” and “UN in his retarded dictionary means UNDER NINETEEN”. Gautam Gambhir’s tweet can be seen below:


Even Sachin Tedulkar commented on Afridi’s tweet saying no outsider needs to tell us what we need to do. Now, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Mohammad Kaif and Kapil Dev have also come out with their reactions on Shahid Afridi’s tweet.


Virat Kohli. India


Virat Kohli said that he does not have complete knowledge of the issue but his priority stays with the nation. The Indian Express quotes the Indian captain saying:

“As an Indian you want to express what is best for your nation & my interests are always for the benefit of our nation. If anything opposes it, I would never support it for sure. But having said that, it’s a very personal choice for someone to comment about certain issues. Unless I have total knowledge of the issues and the intricacies of it I don’t engage in it but definitely, your priority stays with your nation.”


Kapil Dev. TheHindu


Legendary Indian cricketer Kapil Dev asked why Afridi is being given importance and said that we should not be “giving importance to certain people”.


Suresh Raina. Thecricketlounge


Even Suresh Raina, who hails from the beautiful land of Kashmir tweeted:


Mohammad Kaif also tweeted in Shahid Afridi’s tweet’s response saying Afridi wouldn’t have made this statement if Pakistani players were still playing in the IPL. Here is what Mohhamad Kaif tweeted:


Shikhar Dhawan and Ishant Sharma also joined their fellow cricketers in slamming Afridi. Take a look at their tweets below:






Shahid Afridi indeed deserves this criticism for what he said. Don’t you think so? Share your opinion with us in the comments section!