Shah Rukh Wipes Deepika’s Tears Like A Gentleman, Proves Why Every Girl Wants A Guy Like Him

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Updated on 3 Dec, 2017 at 2:22 pm


Shah Rukh Khan is one name in the industry whom no one can hate. The actor enjoys a huge fan following all over the world and there is no doubt saying that no one from the industry has grown enough into a star to replace him. The actor is popularly known as the King of Bollywood, who not only rule the Indian film industry but also rule the hearts of millions of people. Girls scream, shout, and even die to get a single glimpse of this charming man. The King of romance has set a bar for all the boyfriends and husbands, so every girl dreams of having a man like SRK in their life and why not? He has time again given proofs of the respect and love he has for women.


Recently, Shah Rukh proudly accepted the fact that people consider a man like him “less manly”. Talking about himself and Farhan at a concert organized by MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), a campaign started by Farhan Akhtar, Shah Rukh said:

Farhan and I are generally not considered manly because we are a bit gentle, quiet, shy and we treat women well, in our hearts, souls and I have been told to say ‘equally’. (But) Farhan and I, and I am sure all the people present here, feel women are extremely superior to us and we are even scared of them. I believe that there is no shame in being scared of a woman, of our daughter, sister, mother, wife, and girlfriend.

The actor even expressed his views on violence against women. Shah Rukh has often given women various reasons to love him and one of them is the care and love he has for the opposite gender. ‘Padmavati’ star, Deepika Padukone was a specially organized chat show ‘Baatein with Baadshah’ in which SRK was seen chatting with Deepika, talking about her journey so far and giving her little surprises.

One of the surprises was Ranveer Singh’s love confession for Deepika on the national television. Talking further Shah Rukh played a little game with the actress in which he was reading out some letters and Deepika had to guess the name of the person who has written the letter.

When Shah Rukh started reading the letter written by Deepika’s mother, the actress got a little emotional.

By the time SRK finished the letter, Deepika was all in tears.


The next thing that happened on the show was Shah Rukh chivalrously walking up to Deepika and wiping off her tears. He consoled Deepika and that moment of the show was no doubt the most endearing of all.


Here’s the video of the beautiful moment:



We love you, Shah Rukh. You are going to rule our hearts forever, and ever!

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