Shah Rukh Reveals Why He And Farhan Are Less Manly, And Once Again He Won Our Hearts

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Updated on 24 Nov, 2017 at 10:24 pm


Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction and he is certainly the king of hearts.  He is one actor who is very respectful towards women and loves them immensely.

Recently, the actor made a surprise visit at the Farhan’s concert in Mumbai. The concert was organized by MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), a social campaign started by Farhan Akhtar.



During the concert, Shah Rukh talked about the motive behind ‘MARD’ and why our society must learn to accept women as they are.

Also, he made an intriguing point by calling himself less manly, which appeared quite ironical since he was empowering ‘MARD’. But his validity will make you admire him even more. He says,

 Farhan and I are generally not considered manly because we are a bit gentle, quiet, shy and we treat women well, in our hearts, souls and I have been told to say ‘equally’. (But) Farhan and I, and I am sure all the people present here, feel women are extremely superior to us and we are even scared of them. I believe that there is no shame in being scared of a woman, of our daughter, sister, mother, wife, and girlfriend.

He further pointed out that violence against women is the worst thing ever,

I know that all of you here, boys and girls and ladies and gents, believe that violence of any kind is bad and if there is any term as ‘baddest’ then violence against women is even badder and is the baddest thing to happen. Thank you for being here to support this cause.