Shah Rukh Khan’s Banter With Twitter CEO Is Too Funny To Miss!

6:25 pm 16 Nov, 2018


Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood does not need an introduction. He is known all across the globe and has an unmatchable fan following. It is safe to say that he is one of the most influential Indians alive. Naturally, when someone like the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey visits the nation, meeting SRK has to be on his to-do list. And given the witty nature of the star and apparently, Jack as well, it seems like they had a gala time together.

Everyone knows that SRK is super quick and witty, be it on social media or in real life. And something similar happened when the star shared a witty banter with the Jack Dorsey over Twitter.




It all began when Jack took to Twitter to ask if Shah Rukh Khan was up to meet him. The exchange of tweets that happened between him and SRK is definitely awe-worthy.



Here is what Jack Dorsey tweeted:



After seeing this tweet, SRK being himself made a quick response in a matter of minutes. Can you guess what the King might have said to Dorsey? Well, don’t worry, we are not going to keep you guessing.

This is how Shah Rukh Khan answered Jack’s question:



This is Shah Rukh Khan for you, right! But what Jack did next is definitely a step ahead of SRK’s response.

A few minutes after SRK’s tweet, Jack reached outside Mannat and tweeted this to the star:



Now, tweeting ‘knock knock’ is definitely a unique way of ringing the doorbell, isn’t it? Jack sure knows how to put Twitter to the best possible use. This shows how fun Jack must be, and SRK’s next tweet puts a seal on this.

Later that night, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted about meeting Jack Dorsey. This is what the actor had to say:




Super fun, isn’t it? This makes us wonder what happened when Jack met PM Narendra Modi!

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