Shah Rukh Khan Takes On “Traitor Trolls” And Reminds Them Whose Son He Is

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:43 pm

As anyone who has been on Twitter knows, it’s a place where trolling abounds. Nearly every day, we have tabloids screeching out how so-and-so said something uninteresting and uncontroversial that somehow still managed to offend people and get trolled. So it’s no big news that Shah Rukh Khan was targeted by a certain section of Twitterati recently.

This certain section was deeply upset with both SRK and Mukesh Ambani. Why? Because Mukesh Ambani chose Khan as the brand ambassador for Reliance’s Jio. These people believe that his faith makes SRK anti-national, a Pakistani, and a traitor. In accordance with that, they started the hashtag #JioRemoveSRK.


It should be funny that people who are merely keyboard warriors and encourage communal tension in the country have the audacity to question anyone else’s patriotism or national identity, but it is a sad reflection of our times. No matter what you achieve for this country, people will focus more on your religion and your caste (as even the Olympics proved).

However, Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter and reminded these haters that he is the son of a freedom fighter: “I follow my Freedom Fighter father’s advice- ‘quieter u became the more u r able 2 hear’. Good he’s no more, he’d be sad 2 hear what some people say.”


As his fans may already know, Shah Rukh Khan is the son of Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, an Indian freedom fighter. Reportedly, SRK’s father was also one of the youngest freedom fighters and was active in the Peshawar region of British India, which now falls in Pakistan. After the partition, he moved to New Delhi in 1948, and married SRK’s mother, Lateef Fatima, in 1959. SRK’s father died of cancer in 1981.

Shah Rukh Khan married a Punjabi Hindu, Gauri Chibber, and says that he respects his wife’s religion and that their children follow both religions. In their home, the Quran and Hindu deities share the same sacred space. Now if only others could also learn to live and let live, we could focus on the real problems of this country.