How Is Shah Rukh Khan In Real Life? Fans Share Surprising Stories Of Their Personal Meetings With The King Of Romance!

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6:49 pm 19 Jul, 2018


Shah Rukh Khan is one Bollywood actor who needs no introduction. Hailed as the King of Romance, he is one of the most popular celebrities of India with a massive fan following. In fact, SRK has fans not only in India but across the world. Needless to say, these fans follow him wherever he goes. Thousands of fans who gather outside Mannat just to catch a glimpse of the actor tells the entire tale of his following. But only a few of these fans are lucky to get a chance to meet their favorite actor.

While those who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to meet Shah Rukh Khan personally keep wondering what kind of personality he has in real life. Because for them, he is what he is on screen. So it becomes all the more important to know what kind of real self the person is, especially when he is someone with such a huge fan following.



Some Quora users have shared their experiences of their personal meetings with the King of Romance, and we’re sure you would love reading each one of them. So let’s get started!



Shah Rukh Khan would never say a “No” to kids!

We all know that Shah Rukh is quite a family man and shares a beautiful equation with his three lovely children. But he is equally cheerful with other kids too. A Quora user named Kriti Tripathi wrote:

‘This was clicked in September ’97 at the BPCL Colony, Mumbai where SRK was shooting with Sonali Bendre, Juhi Chawla, and Mahesh Bhatt for Duplicate. I have met a lot of other Bollywood stars- Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit, Sonali Bendre, however, Shahrukh is hands down the most humble actor. He never says No to kids who want to pose with him for a photo or get his autograph and answers all Qs politely.’

Here is the picture she is talking about:



She further wrote:

‘As you can see my mum interrupted his break, while he was on the phone and taking his cigarette break and shoved me right next to him for a photo. However, he smiled at my mum and put his hands around me and I felt like the luckiest 6-year-old in the world.’

He spoke to a fan’s mother over the phone!

Another user named Nenad Shende wrote:


‘I met Shahrukh Khan in Ahmedabad when he was here for the promotion of his movie Ra. One. I opted for being his chauffeur and got about 30 mins of road time with the actor. I told him my mother is a big fan of his and if he could be kind enough to speak to her. He agreed.’

SRK even spoke to Nenad’s mother, the user further shared:

‘My mother couldn’t believe she spoke to Shahrukh! I think she must have been proud of having me as her son that day, that’s how happy she was! Then I took an autograph for a friend who is a die-hard fan. And bid goodbye. Good chap this Shahrukh.’

He’s very down to earth!

A user named Rajat Sharma wrote:

‘It was the shooting of Happy New Year. Got to spend an hour with him. He is very down to earth, energetic and positive. Still remember his statement, “Risk is the father of success, If you believe in yourself go for it.’

This one is a surprise!

Quora user named Adeel Khan wrote:

‘I’ve seen him and observed him closely thrice in my life. Never got a chance to speak to him. I’ll share three incidents.

On the sets of KBC: I was a 16-year-old kid when my cousin took me to the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati. After he shook hands with every single person sitting in the audience, he smiled at me, ruffled my hair and said, “Hey we’ve got the same hair!”. The young girls on the sets threw themselves on him and all he could do was smile and say “I love you all too. God Bless You”.

A few seconds later, a couple of old ladies sitting at the back complained “Oh Shahrukh why would you come to us? We’re old and you have the attention of all the young girls!”. Shahrukh got up that very second – ran up to them – and sat right in front of them on his knees.

They kept their hand on his head and started giving him duas. All this while he kept his head down and kept saying “Ameen”. He then asked them about where they lived and how they had come. The sixteen-year-old me couldn’t be more proud of his favorite star.



Adeel Khan further shared another incident about Shah Rukh Khan:

‘Iftaar Party when SRK and Salman hugged: I had Iftaar just a few feet away from Shahrukh. After namaaz, he went and sat with Salim Khan and was listening to him with a lot of interest. A lot of fans kept coming and disturbing their conversation. Shahrukh got up for all the fans who came to the table. Smiled, clicked a picture, and sat down again to listen to Salim Khan with the same interest. This happened at least a dozen times, but he didn’t ask a single fan to wait for him to finish his conversation.’

Isn’t this man just out of this world? Down to earth, humble, sweet, loving, gentle, polite, and patient! What do you think?