Shah Rukh Khan’s Tweet Introducing ‘Zero’ Is Copied. Twitterati Asked Him To Give Credits

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12:11 pm 4 Jan, 2018


Shah Rukh Khan is no doubt a very popular actor in India. “King Khan” as popularly known by his fans, he enjoys large following on various social media platforms. SRK has more than 32 million followers on Twitter, a count which is far above the followership of other Khans of the industry.

Shah Rukh Khan. IndiaToday

Whatever SRK does becomes special for his fans for it is done by him. But this time, his followers are a bit upset with what he did! Shah Rukh recently tweeted a touching Hindi quote that was written by writer named Mithelesh Baria. Take a look at Shah Rukh’s tweet below:



In his tweet, SRK not gave Mithelesh his due credit. Owing to this, Twitterati is really upset and offended with Shah Rukh and have demanded that the credit for the line should go to he who deserves it.

Mithelesh Baria. Twitter

Given that SRK is an artist himself, people perhaps expected him to understand the value of art, which for Mithelesh is his words. He had written the quote now tweeted by SRK back in 2015. Take a look at Mithelesh’s tweet from 2015 below:



It is also possible that SRK unaware of this. He might have found it somewhere on the internet and shared it as he liked it!

There is no doubt that the quote is very touching. But soon after SRK tweeted it, people wanted him to give its credit to its actual writer. Some sounded offended and were a little more stern while some made a polite request to the actor. Here are some tweets by people telling SRK to do so in their own way:



















There is no response to people’s request from Shah Rukh’s end so far. It will be interesting to see if he replies to these comments and if yes, then what his reply will be!

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