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18 Examples Of Shadow Photography That Will Make You Go Wow

Published on 30 October, 2015 at 10:00 am By

As all of you know, photography is all about the relation between  light and the perspective of the photographer. No doubt, shadows can add a lot to a photograph, but it depends on how the photographer emphasizes to make the photograph more captivating and surreal.

1. Summer shadow



2. Eight-legged dog


3. Frightened woman


4. Old memeries! Love for cycle


5. Got caught girl


6. People on street


7. Photo from the wall



8. Letters can make whole of your mind!


9. Michael Jackson


10. Children on the moon


11. The sexy muse


12. Relations no more a relation


13. Giraffe against the brick wall



14. Cats making a heart


15. The ‘Chetak’ horse


16. How about this?


17. Cats on the street

We got confused counting them!


18. The elephant



So, did you love these photographs?



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