Shabana Azmi Apologized To Railway Ministry, And The Reason Made Twitterati Roast Her Badly

6:58 pm 7 Jun, 2018


Shabana Azmi is a talent actress who has changed the dynamics of Indian Cinema. She is known as one of the most influential Indian actresses of her time. She became a leading name in the world of parallel cinema in 1980s and is highly regarded by her fans. At the moment, she works as an activist supporting child survival and fighting AIDS. Though her work is often dubbed as a gimmick, there are numerous times when she initiated a real change in the society using her celebrity status.

Being an active user of social media, she often uses various platforms to share her notions and spread awareness. Mostly, her posts are relatable to the fans but this time she made a mistake.



Most of us are well-aware of the conditions of Indian railways. Often there are news of poor hygiene and declining facilities that grab the headlines. Shabana Azmi wanted to draw attention to such a condition and tweeted a video tagging Railways Minister Piyush Goyal.



Though the video is presently removed from the source, it showed few people washing plates in muddy water. It gave the impression that the food to the railway passengers would be served using the same plates.


Undoubtedly, Shabana Azmi’s post attracted many comments and one of them was from the railway ministry. With very polite words, they pointed the fact that the video is actually of a Malaysian eatery. Here’s the tweet:


Naturally, Twitterati had a field day as they showered their comments. While some praised the ministry for their answer, others shunned the actress for spreading fake news. Here are some of the tweets:






Being the matured personality she is, Shabana Azmi released an apology through a tweet. Here’s the post:


However, the users didn’t leave the chance to comment on that too. They came up with mixed reactions:






Do you think Twitterati are right to troll her?