Shabana Azmi Tried To Take A Jibe At BJP’s Victory, Got Trolled

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3:58 pm 19 Dec, 2017


The Bharatiya Janata Party has won elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. The BJP managed to retain Gujarat for the sixth time in a row by winning 99 Assembly seats in the 182-member assembly, more than the majority mark of 92 needed to form a government. Winning 77 seats, the Congress succeeded in taking over a large part of the rural Patidar-dominated belt of Saurashtra, even as the BJP strengthened its hold over the big cities. The BJP also defeated the Congress in Himachal by winning 44 out of the 68 seats.


On drop in numbers in Gujarat, BJP chief Amit Shah accused the Congress for trying to sow the seeds of casteism in its hunger for power and the “low level of political discourse” of the Congress and its allies. He also said that the twin verdicts are a defeat of the “politics of dynasty, casteism and appeasement” and a win for his party’s politics of performance.

As per analysts, a responsive government that was relatively free of controversy, charisma and personal appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and extensive ground-level coordination, helped the BJP buck anti-incumbency in the closest election Gujarat has seen in years.


However, while the mood was jubilant in the BJP camp, there were many who believed that BJP’s win by a narrow margin is a warning for the party as a swing of 10 seats would have made the contest a cliffhanger.

Taking a dig at BJP’s victory, actor Shabana Azmi, tweeted:


However, Twitterati couldn’t digest her tweet and they trolled her:


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