This Latest Bikini Design From Emily Ratajkowski’s Label Is Saucy AF!

Updated on 21 Nov, 2018 at 5:34 pm


One of the sexiest outfits of all times is undoubtedly a bikini. It is simply bold and classy. And I am sure that the ladies out there would definitely understand what I mean. Now, we have seen that renowned model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has come up with some of the most unusually sexy swimwear designs for her brand Inamorata Swim. For those who don’t know, that the diva herself has designed the brand. Speaking of the swimwear designs, they seem unusually beautiful. This time too she has come up with a really sexy bikini design. Take a look as you read the story!

Emily Ratajkowski has made a mark for herself by working in movies such as In Darkness, I Feel Pretty and Gone Girl. Her Inamorata Swim label saw was launched in 2017, and speaking about the sexy bikini design, it seems that the model has put a lot of thought in the creation. Now the diva has added another saucy bikini to the brand.




The actress has introduced a new bikini, which is unique in design as it is a stringed one. Yes, it is a stringed bikini. The model-actress looks absolutely stunning as she is donning it in the picture below.


Take a look at the picture:



What do you think of the strings?



Now, what do you think of this color?




As you can see, there are a lot of strings around the waist area, which kind of add an extra oomph to the overall look. The design may appear unusual to many, but hey, it is undeniably sexy, don’t you think? And the best part is that you have color options to choose from: white, black, nude and red. We think that this design is beautiful, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!