Sexuality Pole Meme Is The Latest Twitter Trend And People Are Coming Up With Hilarious Answers

3:52 pm 30 May, 2018


In this age of social media, a lot of things have the potential to go viral. Right from weird videos to pictures of cute babies, everything goes viral instantly. And now, people on Twitter have started another trend of making memes on current topics, and they too go viral in no time. From useless Instagram stories to countless polls, millennials have found many new ways to keep themselves entertained. People are so busy in answering polls, watching videos and browsing memes these days that they spend half of their day on social media only.



There is an entirely new trend that has caught the attention of social media users these days.




A poll becomes more interesting when it is related to sexuality. A recent sexuality poll that is now the favorite time-pass of people on twitter, is giving birth to hilarious memes. The poll asks if people are gay, straight or bi-sexual. But Tweeple are adding a fourth option, that is hilariously weird!

Here are some of the funniest sexuality poll memes that we found on Twitter:


Take a look at the fourth option below!


This one sounds so relevant!


The song!


The best of them all!


Hilarious AF!


For all the fans, this one is lit!


How can one forget Ed Sheeran?


Quite stupid!


Song of the day!


That one is so quick!


Britney’s best!


This one feels so right!


A Taylor Swift fan for sure!


GOT is everyone’s favorite!


The look on her face!


Last but not the least!




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