Sexual Harassment Charges Against Utsav And Khamba, Who Preached About Women Safety, Is Pure Irony

Updated on 15 Oct, 2018 at 5:41 pm


Just the other day while surfing my old saved videos, I came across this video by AIB on sexual harassment. I loved that video and many others which addressed the grave issue of sexual harassment while keeping the entertainment factor intact. Naturally, being a fan of new-age content, I held these people in high regards for slowly spreading awareness in the society. Alas! How wrong I was. With the allegations of sexual harassment on Utsav Chakraborty and Gursimran Khamba, the whole picture changes drastically.

In their content, AIB and other fellow viral startups talk about equality of gender. They try and spread awareness about sexual desires in women and the importance of consent. However, what happens when it’s really about practicing the same in reality?




Before getting into the AIB fiasco, let’s refresh your memory with allegations of sexual harassment on other viral site founders and co-founders. In 2017, TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar was booked for sexual harassment.  There were also others whose names came into limelight. Though they stepped down from their positions, the same question again crops up. While their sites carry forward the ideology of equality, the behavior of the individuals is absolutely appalling.



Naturally, you may argue that one person doesn’t represent the entire organization. Of course not, but when they are in a position that carries a great importance in the organization then they cannot hide from the responsibilities of their actions.

Coming back to the issue at hand, AIB’s comedian Utsav Chakraborty was called out on social media by a woman he harassed. Soon others started to send their awful experiences to the girl who posted the first tweet. Here are some of the tweets:






The star comic Tanmay Bhat, the ex-CEO of AIB, was well aware of Utsav’s behavior. Yet what he did? Until the whole matter came out in social media, he kept mum for his ‘bro’ while preaching about evils of sexual harassment. Irony much? While stepping down, he said sorry but does it really changes anything for those who were harassed?




The internet ‘stars’ who are so vocal about sexual harassment and other women’s issues are certainly guilty of normalizing something as grave as this. Naturally, AIB is fanatically posting statements to say ‘sorry.’ Predictably, netizens are also reacting on the same. One of such tweet by a user portrayed old tweets by Tanmay which are cringy and creepy at the same time. Take a look:



Not only Utsav, but another co-founder Gursimran Khamba is also accused of sexual harassment. He took a ‘leave of absence’ soon the after the accusation. Soon he released a statement stating that though he behaved badly with a woman but never violated the aspect of consent. This is what he posted:


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My statement on the recent allegations against me

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Very interestingly, those who are accused of sexual harassment in this Indian #MeToo movement are saying sorry and going on ‘paid leaves’. In this scenario, isn’t it’s hard to expect that the survivors will receive any kind of justice? We leave that on you to decide.


Thankfully, most of the comedy world stood beside the women who faced sexual harassment. However, it still doesn’t solve the hypocrisy shown by those who demand of being the digital crusader in this modern era.

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