British Woman Tried To File Sexual Assault Complaint Against Monkeys

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Gibraltar is home to Barbary Macaques who are quite a tourist attraction. But sometimes, as it turned out, the monkeys are attracted to the tourists as well.

Melissa Hart, 23, who was on a day trip from Marbella, was ‘assaulted’ by two of the monkeys.


Hart described how the monkeys “pawed me in my most intimate areas” and then even managed to rip her bikini top off. Other tourists found the scene funny.

Melissa said, “I was being sexually assaulted and these people all thought it was a great joke.”


A warden finally rescued Melissa. She then went to the police to register a complaint but they informed her that macaques could not be held legally accountable.

One officer added, “And if they could, do you think you could pick out your attacker in a line-up?”