Women Share Horrific Stories Of Sexual Assault At Hajj And Other Pilgrimages. #MosqueMeToo Trends On Twitter

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2:30 pm 12 Feb, 2018

For Muslims all over the world, Hajj is the fifth and the final pillar of their religion. The birthplace of Prophet Muhammad, Hajj is something that every Muslim, who can afford it and is physically and mentally fit must take at least once in their lifetime. Situated in western Saudi Arabia, the pilgrimage is an opportunity for millions of Muslims to seeks the blessings of the divine and atone their sins.



The holy land of Mecca has been a place of religious contentment for millions of Muslim men and women and the world knows this. But what most of the people don’t know about Hajj, is the widespread molestation of women that happens there.



Many female devotees at Hajj have had utterly unpleasant experiences during their pilgrimage. Some of these women have shared their ordeal of sexual harassment at Mecca and other holy places on Twitter with #Mosquemetoo.


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Since quite a few months, #Metoo has been trending on Twitter as women have been sharing their painful stories of sexual harassment. Now #Mosquemetoo has been initiated by Egyptian-American feminist and journalist Mona Eltahawy who is perhaps the first woman to share her experience of sexual harassment at Hajj openly on social media.


Mona Eltahawy. Vice


In her tweet, Mona Eltahawy revealed that she was sexually assaulted at Hajj at the age of 15 and spoke about it first in 2013 on an Arabic-language, Egyptian primetime television show. Take a look at her tweets below:








Soon, Eltawy’s tweets caught attention of a number of people across the globe, some of which shared their experiences of sexual assault at Hajj and other religious places. In no time, #Mosquemetoo started trending on Twitter and became one of the top ten trends on Farsi Twitter. In fact, according to some tweets, even small boys are assaulted at Hajj by those who are older to them in age. Here are some Tweets by women sharing their barbaric stories of being molested at Hajj and other pilgrimages:
















Several religions, including Islam, encourage women to cover their body in public to keep themselves protected from harassment and assault and to preserve their dignity. But it is depressing and shocking to see that women are not safe despite following all the so-called rules of the society. The fact that women are molested at Hajj and many other religious places might not be acceptable to many, but that doesn’t change the dirty truth!