How Would Male Athletes React To Sexist Questions Asked of Females? Shocking!

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 2:57 pm

“Can you give us a twirl?”

Yes, that’s what a female tennis player was asked during one of her interviews. Shocked?

There have been several incidents when female athletes have been shot with sexist commentary, and asked inappropriate questions in interviews. Many times, articles on their appearance have been published, disgracing  all their accomplishments, raising some serious questions: When will we finally start respecting our women? Is the value of a woman still based on her appearance?

Questioning such biased attitude, ‘Cover The Athlete,’ is a hard hitting video that exposes growing sexism in sports. It reviews how male athletes would react to the same questioned which were asked of female athletes.

These athletes were not directly asked  questions, instead, the video is an outcome of some smart editing skills. It is a collection of reactions from past interviews paired with questions typically asked of female athletes.