This Is What People Mostly Want To Know From Sex Workers

12:39 pm 23 Aug, 2018

The term sex workers is an umbrella term for anyone working in the sex industry. It includes those who directly provide sexual services and those who conduct the day-to-day operations. But those who engage in direct sexual service provisions have got it really bad since most people look down upon them. And even those who don’t are full of questions without respecting the boundaries of someone’s professional and personal life. What do you think is the most common question people pose in front of sex workers?

It is surprisingly not the following question-

‘How much money do you charge?’




Well if not this, then what? As is common knowledge, people pay sex workers to perform sexual acts and engage in sexually explicit behaviors. These may involve varying degrees of physical contact or proximity with the client.



For some sex workers, the job entails partaking in the recording of sexual acts either via a photo shoot or video shoot. And for many others providing sexual services includes doing so over the phone or live through a webcam. It is needless to say that they do come across some very weird requests.

In this context, the most common question that sex workers have to answer this-

‘What is the weirdest/ kinkiest thing that you have done?’



As per reports, this is the most common question asked by everyone and anyone. Everyone wants to know what is the most depraved and kinky thing that a client has asked off a sex worker. It is true that the some of the weirdest requests come towards sex workers, but they naturally have to draw the line somewhere. Most of them completely stay away from activities that are illegal in nature.




Sex work is a profession just like any other. Do you think then, that it is fair for others to intrude on the lives of sex workers to satisfy curiosities?

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