India Rejects Patent Plea For ‘Immoral’ Sex Toy Made By A Canadian Company

5:55 pm 16 Aug, 2018


India’s patent office has now rejected an application for a new vibrator, citing that sex toys are ‘morally degrading’. The patent plea was filed by a Canadian company Standard Innovation Corporation, which is based in Ontario. Earlier this year, the company applied for a patent for their ‘we vibe’, in a hope to prevent their local contenders from using its U-shaped device. However, the patent was rejected and the Indian patent office gave their own unique reason for doing that.

In April this year, the item’s patent was rejected by officials. As per a report, they mentioned that its use would lead to the ‘obscenity and moral deprivation of individuals‘.



The patent office stated that sex toys were considered and held no value. Here is the statement given by the Indian patent office:

“These are toys that are not considered useful or productive. Mostly these are considered to be morally degrading by the law. The law views sex toys negatively and has never engaged positively with the notion of sexual pleasure.”



The office also referred to Section 292 of Indian Penal Code, a 155-year-old colonial-era law, which criminalizes gay sex and unnatural intercourse. Let us tell you that sex toys are openly sold online, though they are banned in India.




An appeal questioning the provisions of the law is pending in the Supreme Court.



The decision has been condemned by Shamnad Basheer (professor at India’s National Law School). As per a report, he mentioned:

“Officials trained in technical science are not supposed to decide whether an invention is moral or immoral.”


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