10 Tips For Men Who Actually Want To Please A Woman in Bed

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Updated on 10 Jul, 2018 at 2:21 pm

Men spend their lifetimes trying to figure out what women want. Often they get baffled when thinking about the ways to please a woman. What they fail to understand is that keeping a woman happy is not as complicated as they think. But it does require some time and efforts. Most men disregard a woman’s sexual needs and that’s where problems in a relationship stem. Against popular belief and what we have been conditioned to think; women have a sexual drive too. They too want to be satisfied in a certain way during intercourse and if they don’t get that, you can be sure she will be unsatisfied in more than one way with the man in her life.

There’s no need to fret too much over it though. Because the following top 10 tips on how to please a woman in bed will help you out!


1. Educate yourself

The more you read about it, the more you’ll know what to do, when to do and more importantly how to do it. This theoretical knowledge will lead to practical success.

Please A Woman in Bed



2. Don’t expect her to get turned on in the same manner that you do

Getting a woman turned on is going to take a lot more efforts than just dropping off your clothes. The sooner you know what makes her tick, the easier it will be for you to please her.

satisfy A Woman in Bed


3. Her pleasure is important too

Don’t be selfish and think about just your orgasm and sexual pleasure. Let her enjoy the ride too!

Please A Woman in Bed


4. Talk about it

Women talk about it with their friends, but that doesn’t mean they’re not willing to talk about it with their partner. Ask her how she felt, what she expects, what she would like you to do, etc. and that way you will be able to better understand her needs too. Communicating about sex will help her understand your needs and desires too. So it’s a win-win for you as well.

how to satisfy A Woman in Bed


5. Body positivity

Women are very conscious (and sometimes shy) about their body. They have an inferiority complex most of the times. So tell her you love her body (ideally as much as you can). That’s a great way to please her, emotionally and physically.

Please A Woman in Bed


6. Foreplay matters

No matter what you think or have heard, foreplay is important and the longer it goes on, the more pleased your woman will be.

use foreplay to satisfy A Woman in Bed



7. Let her take charge too

The ‘Woman on Top’ thing is every guy’s fantasy. So let her take charge once in a while. Women too like to dominate in bed!

Please A Woman in Bed


8. Don’t roll over and sleep right after the sex

This is a big turn off for women as they feel that it was just the sex you were interested in. So, cuddle her or engage in pillow talk before nodding off.

satisfy A Woman in Bed


9. Be open to explore and experiment

As much as you think she might be offended with you asking her to try something, you’re wrong. Women love getting kinky and are open to experimenting as much and sometimes more than men! So go right ahead, ask and try it out!

Please A Woman in Bed


10. Remember the LBS – Lick, Bite and Suck

Getting to know her pleasure points would make the licking, biting and sucking even more satisfactory for her sexually.

satisfy A Woman in Bed


Remember that sex and sexual pleasure is a two-way street and your pleasure will only double-up if the woman is satisfied too! So, now that you know how to please a woman, do put it to use.