Passerby Caught A Couple Having Sex On A Gravestone, What Happened Next Will Surprise All

10:59 am 23 Jun, 2018

It is unfortunate how the public display of sexual acts is becoming more and more common these days. While it is incomprehensible as to what leads some people to cross that social boundary, the reality remains that these incidents are on the rise.

As reported by TopYaps earlier, a couple was seen having sex on the divider of a road in Marine Drive area, Mumbai. Read about it here.

Couple having sex on road divider in Mumbai

Screengrab/F3 News/Twitter

Then there were also incidents of women being sexually harassed by men performing public masturbation without any fear of getting caught.

And now another incident of a couple having sex on a gravestone has come to light.

Yes, a couple was caught having sex on a gravestone in Shaw, Greater Manchester, UK in broad daylight. Scott Elwood, a resident of the area was out to walk his dog when he saw a couple in the compromising state.


Scott Elwood with his dog Leah who witnessed the act. Source


Walking past the Holy Trinity Parish Chruch in Shaw, he saw that a couple was having sex on a gravestone. The gravestone was located in the direct open space, which had clear visibility from many houses in the area. Elwood thought the couple would stop once they realize he is nearby, but the couple was in no mood to stop. He even expressed displeasure at how the couple was tarnishing a gravestone, but all in vain.



Scott shot a small video of the couple and handed it over to the police. Watch the video here. And when police shared the video on social media to get to the culprits, the man involved reached out. But no, he did not want to apologize but wanted to brag about going at it for 45 minutes instead. The guy also asked Scott to ‘take a risk’ and ‘get a life’.


The gravestone where the couple was seen. Source

As reported by Metro UK, this is what Scott had to say about the whole incident:

“He bragged to me that he was doing it for 45 minutes – I just think he is an idiot, to be honest. It’s very disrespectful to do it on someone’s grave. It’s awful. If it had been someone’s grave that I knew, I would have reacted a lot differently.”

He further added:

“I would have been very angry. I couldn’t imagine what the family of whoever in the grave would think. A lot of children play on the church grounds playing hide and seek, manhunt and so on. Luckily there was no one there on the day but if there had been it would be awful.”


It is incidents like this that remind us about the importance of public decency and need for all to keep themselves in check. Leave your comments below.