WATCH: This Couple Having Sex On A Running Motorcycle On A Busy Highway Will Make You Go, WTF?

Updated on 25 Apr, 2018 at 5:19 pm

Having sex in the same bed every time becomes monotonous and boring. It’s good to do experiments, but this does not mean you should do something like this insane couple!

This couple from Paraguay decided to spice up their sex life and ended up making love on a bike on a busy highway!


How stupid could people get?

The police are busy tracking down this couple.They could impose a fine of 3 million Paraguayan Guarani (about $540 or ₹36,180) if the couple is caught!

Here is the video of the couple who got filmed by a fellow motorist:


It’s not just illegal, it’s deadly as well. So, next time, instead of enjoying the ride, enjoy the ride! 😛