‘S*x Island’: A Place With Unlimited Fun, Drugs, And Prostitutes!

1:20 pm 10 Oct, 2018

A cruise promising unlimited drugs, prostitutes and booze at your disposal – feeling sleazy already? Well, you should be, as the controversial ‘sex island’ is back, and baby, it’s time to get ready for some real relentless fun this December! A holiday season with the hottest chicks, overflowing expensive champagne and high level of testosterone running everywhere, what more could one want from life?!

The ‘infamously’ famous ‘sex island‘ is making a comeback despite severe criticism and backlash last year (2017)! However, we have found this one from Instagram for you:



30 men, who can look forward to “unlimited sex” with “beautiful latina girls” is something surreal, right?



Not if its ‘sex island‘! This 4-day sex-fest allows each guest two prostitutes, unlimited food and alcohol, and a lifetime of raunchy activities to swear by.

So who are the organizers?

The ‘sex island’ organizers are Good Girl Company. To lure customers, they released a promotional video with a shirtless man pouring fancy champagne on a prostitute’s breasts.



What to expect on ‘sex island’?

A lot! From live sex shows, unlimited drug consumption, romp shows, unlimited condoms and ‘drug-friendly prostitutes, the guests (married or single) can enjoy the best of the sleazy!



Are these sex workers safe?

The organizers say all of these prostitutes have been tested for STIs and are disease-free.


The venue for the world’s biggest sex party?

The venue hasn’t been revealed yet, but going by the latest Instagram posts, do the hashtags #Caribbean and #Colombia rings a bell?!



This is what to really expect inside this party:

The trip which allows even married guests to participate gives them access to unlimited booze, sex, and meals. All this, on a private luxury yacht that is!



Can anyone get arrested for participating?

Fortunately no. According to Sex Island’s website, these 60 women are there only to “please” the men and make each feel like a king”. Customers can’t be arrested or deported. Phew!



Men can expect scenes like these:



How much does this sex-fest cost?

You can enjoy this experience for a sum of £4,600 per person, with meals and alcohol included. This amount doesn’t include airfares though.



What’s the whole package?

There’s a lot apart from meals, free alcohol, airport pick up and drop off. Showers, closets, air conditioning, wifi, and unlimited condoms! USP? If you get bored with one girl, there are 60 more options for you!



In other words, this is what to expect on the ‘sex island’:



As real as it gets! Whatsay? Would you travel to an unknown location for all this fun? Tell us in the comments.