He Loves Your Body And Not You; These 11 Points Will Prove It

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 5:43 pm

No relationship works like fairy tales. You will always have differences, tiffs, issues. But that’s not a problem at all. The problem starts when it lacks emotional connection and works only on physical grounds. These are some points that can tell you whether he is with you only for sex or is really in love with you.


1. His identity is almost incognito for you.

You don’t know much about him. Where he hangs out, who are his friends, what is his last name or what his permanent address is – all this is unknown to you. Well, it’s because he can disappear anytime he wants after fulfilling his physical needs.


2. He calls you only after 1 AM.

He is interested only in all those sexy talks. It’s scientifically proven that all booty calls happen after 1 AM. He calls you,  texts you or wakes you up to talk nasty. He does not give you time to discuss your needs.


3. He always hands over your things before you leave.

After you are done with your hot session and you are about to leave for your place, he asks about everything just to make sure you are not leaving anything behind. He doesn’t want you to come back once you leave, till the next time he wants some sex.


4. For him you are ‘hot’ and never ‘gorgeous’.

It’s your body that made him fall for you and not your sense of humor. Whatever compliments he gives are associated with your physical features. Your intelligence does not matter to him and he never talks about ‘you’ at all.


5. Your relationship never experienced a ‘real date’.

You hardly go for any outings. He searches for a place where sex can happen. Real dates are for those who want to spend quality time together. Your dates are more sexual than emotional. You both are just fuck buddies!


6. He is never available when you need him emotionally.

He is always ‘busy’ when you want to talk to him about your problems, successes or life. His only interest lies in your body and anything apart is never entertained by him.


7. However the conversation starts, it becomes sexual by the end.

No matter how many times you have thought of having some real serous talks, he turns everything in the sexual direction.


8. Whatever he gifts he gives you are always related to sex.

Be it lingerie or handcuffs or some other kinky stuff, these are all that he brings to surprise you.


9. He leaves for the shower right after the sex.

Normally people lie down together, talk a bit or just sleep together. But he just rushes to the washroom after you guys are done and asks you to dress up soon. Hence, it’s just sex and nothing else.


10. Your ‘just movie night’ invite irritates him.

He get frustrated the moment you ask him to come over for just a movie. He tries and turns that movie night into a sexual one every time.


11. He stays away from you during your periods.

Well, that’s the time of the month when he is invisible all the time. He makes lame excuses of being busy and stays away from you during your monthly cycle. No sex means no him.