OMG! These Humanlike Sex Dolls Have Their Own Instagram Account!

7:57 pm 13 Nov, 2018

Whosoever said that only dildos and vibrators can make your sex life spicier, is wrong! Why, because these RealDolls are there to assist you with all your needs. Now, many of you won’t be knowing what a RealDoll is. A RealDoll is a sex doll (with full features) which closely resembles a human being. Interestingly, these RealDolls (sex dolls) are prepared by Abyss Creations, LLC which is in California’s San Marcos. Now, how many of you knew that something like this actually exists?

It is a fact that these sex dolls are crafted with sheer perfection, and are made so realistically that they appear to be human. With a current 45k followers, an Instagram page which goes by the name of RealDolls had a lot of pictures of the same.




So take a look at the picture of these Sex dolls:


Isn’t she looking just like a human?



Those features!



It is indeed difficult to believe that these dolls aren’t human!



Realistic indeed!






Are you not curious to know from which material they are made to give such a realistic effect. Well, the answer to this question is simple, the skeleton is made of PVC, and there are steel joints as well for better support. And the flesh is made up of silicone. It is important to note that these sex dolls are made for the purpose of intercourse. It is also not entirely wrong to say that these serve as a medium of pleasure for many.



There is a vibrant range of these dolls out there, so one has the privilege to choose. Well, when it comes to pleasure, we have dildos, vibrators and a hell lot of other stuff which can be used. But a RealDoll (sex doll) is something which is on an entirely different level, thanks to the realistic factor. Don’t you think?