Sex Doll Brothel Opens In This Major Country, And People Are Dying To Get A Booking

5:20 pm 6 Sep, 2018

Traditionally, a brothel is where visitors engage in sexual activities with women, often referred to as sex workers. It is no secret that people frown upon brothels. But with the evolution of everything else in the world, it seems like brothels have also evolved. Instead of real-life sex workers, brothels are now starting to provide silicone sex dolls for sexual activities. Yes, a sex doll brothel might sound weird, but it is a stark reality of today.

However unorthodox and bizarre it may sound, it’s true that an organization is opening sex doll brothels in Europe.



LumiDolls is both a seller of sex dolls and also operates brothels. The entity opened its first brothel in Barcelona, Spain in February 2017. And they recently opened another sex doll brothel in the Turin region of northern Italy.



This is Italy’s first ever sex doll brothel and they claim to be completely legal. As per reports, the brothel is already booked for many weeks. And this was the state before it even opened doors. Reports suggest that the brothel houses six female dolls and one male doll as well.



The brothel gives its customer the option to pick any doll they want and customize their experience completely. Customers can not only pick the doll but also choose what they should wear and what position they should be in. The company charges 100 euros for a one-hour session, 180 euros for two hours and 80 euros for 30 minutes.



Even at these prices, the sex doll brothel in Turin is overbooked in advance.

Here is what a company representative reportedly said:

“We are full for weeks, except for a few small exceptions. We have customers who have also booked from Venice (250 miles away) and most have chosen the morning or afternoon for their appointment.”


The representative also added:

“For this reason for the moment, we will not open at night. We also have requests for stag parties.”



This surely must have left most of you stumped and searching for the right words!