S*x And Dating Terms You Need To Know If You Are An Old School Looking Forward To Date In 2019

6:52 pm 9 Jan, 2019

How many of you are still single and want a girlfriend? And, how many among you have decided that 2019 is going to be it! Well, if you are among those people then you are in for a treat. There are some sex and dating terms which you must know about. Especially, if you are an old school looking forward to date in 2019. We would like to emphasize the word “date”! Because things may be the same and have changed. If you know about these terms already then well and good, but if you don’t, then you should definitely give this article a read!

So are you excited to know about these sex and dating terms? Well, to be honest, we think that these will definitely help Ya’all old school pees are there! And for the record, do let us know if there are some more terms which we need to know about.


1. Cushioning




Okay so this is wrong, but sadly there! In cushioning someone keeps you beside themselves only to satisfy their ego, and when they feel like they just get rid of you. I know right! It sounds so bad. So, in case, you are looking for a serious affair, just try and be cautious if the other person around you isn’t ‘cushioning’ you!


2. Ghosting



What if the person whom you have been dating for quite some time now disappears into thin air? Like, without leaving a trace, without saying anything. Well, this is what ghosting is. No explanation, no replies, the other person simply vanishes. Sadly, this is quite common in online dating.


3. Zombie-ing



Zombie-ing is quite similar to ghosting but in this, the person who disappeared for a long time simply reappears in front of you and behaves normally. Ah! This can be really painful.


4. Sexting



For representational purpose only thebeautyinformer


Millennials are involved in sexting, they do! Sexting means sending risque pictures, sexually suggestive messages, and images to someone, via phone. Interestingly, sexting is a word which is an amalgamation of sex and texting. So, in case you are an old school, don’t be so shocked if someone starts sending you the aforesaid. Just hang in there!


5. Cockblocking



For representational purpose only Gfycat


Cockblocking is all about refraining someone from having intercourse, the action can be on purpose or unintentional. Jealously and competitive nature mainly triggers Cockblocking. Though it is not totally about sex, it is related to it. If you are eyeing on someone and to make them jealous you put up an act (just in case) observe if you are being cockblocked or not!


6. Friend with benefits



There are some things which are self-explanatory! A friend with benefits is not less than a symbiotic relationship. Well, the only difference is, it involves sex! So in case, you don’t want it to be a rather serious affair and want to keep things cool and casual, then go for it! The best part, it is your friend with whom you are gonna do it, after proper consent and mutual understanding!




So, what do you have to say about these sex and dating terms? Were you already familiar with them? Do you have any questions? Well, why don’t you share your thoughts on the comments?

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