Serve These Seven Snacks To Football Crazy Couch Potatoes

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Updated on 18 Sep, 2014 at 1:16 pm


The football fever has spread to every nook and corner this month and refuses to go away till July. Men and the boys have booked their spaces on the couches and the sofas and refuse to budge till the referee calls the last whistle. These men are shouting, abusing and oblivious to the space around them. All this fervor makes them hungry and thirsty. We bring to you today a list of yummylicious snacks that you can serve to the couch potatoes and don’t be surprised when they lick the bits off their fingers too. And we warn you that we never said that they were healthy.

7.  The Humble Potato Chips

Fill big bowls with chips of all kinds, colors and flavors. Keep them in-between the boys within arm distance and see them gobble them down without a care in the world, except for foot ball of course. If you want, make an easy deep with hung curd and herbs and serve the chips with it. Pretzels also go very well with chips just to break the monotony.

The Humble Potato Chips

6. Deep Fried Bars of Mars


Yes you heard me right. Serve the men bars of Mars deep fried in a batter of corn flour dusted with brown sugar and see the glances of appreciation you get all around. But don’t make this a habit as it sure is big on calories and not so healthy. It’s a deep fried bar of Mars need I say more.

Deep Fried Bars of Mars

5. Popcorn Home-Style

I know it’s no big deal just plain popcorn, but see the reactions when the house fills up with its enchanting smell and you see the senses twitching in the foot ball freaks.  Be creative and get a batch of caramel, strawberry or even honey flavored for a change. Or just go wild with the crowd and deal out a bunch of masala ones. The hotter the better.

Popcorn Home-Style

4. Bucket full of KFC‘s delights

There is nothing like digging your hands into a bucket full of the juiciest pieces of chicken with the perfect coating of flavors outside. For an evening game call over the boys, order big buckets full of KFC chicken. While they eat in frenzy go grab your favorite book and retire for the night. Your days work is done. When ordering be generous as the fans might want to stay up for the match at 3:30 am too.

Bucket full of KFC‘s delights

3.  Never Go Wrong With French Fries

No they can’t be substituted for the veggies, but they sure can give you a calorie burst that you need when watching soccer. Make them into wedges or slim fries and serve them with ketchup and don’t be surprised when you are called out for a second batch please. Believe me after one evening your home will be the favorite hangout of the foot ball fans.

Never Go Wrong With French Fries

2. The Global Trotting Tikka

Tikka was declared the dish of the year in UK a year or so ago, so its fame has reached the overseas my friend. Imaging a soft piece of boneless chicken that melts into your mouth and leaves you with a goody feeling all over, that’s chicken tikka. And it’s not hard work, just marinate the meat in a paste of ginger and garlic along with hung curd. Add your favorite masalas and forget about it till the game. While the boys are busy supporting their teams, just pop the marinated pieces in the grill and serve them hot in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to add dash of lime and green chutney to the platter.

The Global Trotting Tikka

1. Cheesy Sticks with a Dip

Cut mozzarella cheese into juliennes, dip them into bread crumbs and fry them in a jiffy. Serve them hot and witness the gooey cheese oozing out of the sticks when the crowd bites into them. Always a hit with the telly lovers and make it a blockbuster by ending the night by serving thin slices of chocolate cake for dessert.


Cheesy Sticks with a Dip

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