Honest-to-God Actors Disillusioned With Bollywood Content

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4:55 pm 7 Jul, 2016

Not too long ago, Naseeruddin Shah said in an interview,

Bollywood has no content most of the time… We just rip off Hollywood. We steal from here, we steal from there and we are patting ourselves that the whole world is watching our movies. The whole world is watching our movies because they are also eating Indian food! It is the spices, the variety that is getting them. Indian food has substance that is why it will remain popular and Hindi cinema doesn’t which is why this bubble will burst very soon!


When asked whether writing has improved in Bollywood, Rahul Bose recently said,

No, they are talking about this new writing is happening, but it has to be really good. Nowadays, it has to be really good. It can’t be half way. I don’t want to mention any films where half of it is written well and half of it is written terribly. You can’t do that. You’ve got to write well. Good writing is not happening in Bollywood. The good ones are happening based on books.


There is a pattern, and a consistency, to this disillusionment. Good actors, the ones that are truly good at their craft, have always been sidelined by Bollywood’s insistence on mediocrity. Mediocre actors have always flourished because the game is being played on their turf.

It’s tragic, this state of affairs. Bollywood refuses to raise the bar, good actors, like good stories, slip quietly into the night.


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