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Delhi’s ‘Serial Puppy Killer’ Caught; Identified As Nakul Mishra, Who Was Suffering From Depression

Updated on 9 July, 2016 at 8:43 am By

A 28-year-old graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Delhi, has been identified as the serial dog killer who last month was captured on Delhi Metro’s CCTV camera brutally stabbing and killing a puppy and three other dogs.

Identified as Nakul Mishra, he was arrested from Lucknow on April 16.




The video had gone viral last month, leading to a social media outcry and national outrage against brutality against animals.

According to the Police, the accused Nakul Mishra, has been on medication for prolonged depression.

He was sacked from his job, had a failed love affair and had lost his own pet dog recently when the incident took place.


Nakul was identified by Delhi police after they conducted a door-to-door search in all localities under the  jurisdiction of Hauz Khas where the incident had taken place.

The Delhi Police sub-division had scanned through thousands of tenant verification forms before they found Nakul and then traced him to Lucknow.

He was seen in the CCTV footage on March 15:


On seeing the footage the metro officials had called police and informed them about the incident.

Resident of Yusuf Sarai, Nakula had initially shifted to his maternal aunt’s residence in Mayur Vihar for three days and then left for his home in Lucknow.


According to a leading psychiatrist in India, Nakul’s behaviour was akin to that of a terrorist. he had said:


“This is not a behaviour related to a normal disorder like clinical depression, rather it is akin to the behaviour of a terrorist. This man, after losing his pet, saw killing of other animals as his manner of revenge.”

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