This Group Of Activists Is Sending Hand Sanitizers To Mark Zuckerberg. Here’s Why

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7:16 pm 28 Sep, 2015


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley where he met top tech heads including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hailed a success by many.

But amid the praises and exchange of dialogues with various tech heads, Modi’s visit also witnessed protests by the activist group Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) over his accountability for the 2002 riots in Gujarat that  left nearly 1,000 people dead when he was the chief minister.

In response to the Modi-Zuckerberg meet, the  group has started a campaign called Zuck, Wash Your Hands! last week.

Through their campaign, they have decided to send hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizers to the Facebook founder. Why?

So, that Mark can wash the blood off his hands in regard to the Gujarat riots which claimed many lives.



A spokesperson for the collective said:

“The American public – and in particular, the leaders of Silicon Valley – must remember that Modi is not simply a prime minister making a trade visit, he is a man responsible for genocide.”

Every bottle of the sanitizers sent to Mark was accompanied with a note containing the name of a victim of the riots that took place. A total of 250 bottles have been sent out so far.


The campaign invites people to send a bottle of sanitizer sent to Mark on their behalf.