Forensic Lab Exposes The Truth Behind ‘Semen’ Filled Balloon Thrown At LSR Students During Holi

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11:54 am 18 Apr, 2018


A few days prior to Holi this year, we told you how a first year student of Delhi’s Lady Sri Ram College was harassed by throwing a semen filled balloon at her in Amar Colony area. The girl, who hails from the northeastern part of India had shared the tale of the horrific act on her Instagram page which soon spread like a wildfire on the internet. Take a look at her post below:




The incident a huge outrage on social media with girl getting a lot of support from Twitterati. She had also taken up the matter to the students’ union of her college and received requisite support from them as well the Delhi University Students Union. The girl had also filed a police complaint regarding this harassment on the pretext of Holi at Greater Kailash police station of Delhi and submitted her clothes for forensic examination.



Now, almost two months after the incident, the results of the forensic examination are finally out and they show that no traces of semen have been found in the balloons. This must have come as a major shock to all those who stood against the Hindu culture in order to hit out at those who harass women on the pretext of festivals.



Raising this point, filmmaker and author Vivek Agnihotri took to Twitter to express his views. Check out his tweet below:


Soon many social media users came forward to support Vivek Agnihotri and slammed all those who treated this incident as an opportunity to target Hindu festivals and depict them as events that lead to molestation of women, including journalist Sagarika Ghose. Take a look at some responses to Vivek Agnihotri’s tweet below:












We stand by the belief that harassing women is something completely unacceptable, whatever be the occasion or reason. But turning such incidents into opportunities for political and religious advantage is wrong too! Don’t you think so? Share your views with us in the comments section!

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