Me, Myself & My Phone: 12 Selfies That Show How Far We’ve Fallen

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11:03 pm 7 Oct, 2016

There is so much wrong with selfies. Once thought to be a means of self-expression, even a tool to encourage a positive self-image, selfies have turned into a menace. People have lost their sense of humanity, and basic decency. Nothing is sacred anymore. People click selfies next to accident sites, and next to dead bodies. Some have gotten arrested, and some (too many, really) have even died, in the process of clicking a selfie.

Selfies went from daring to stupid to mean as fu*k in record time. Here are some of the stupidest, and some of the most insensitive, selfies ever taken:

1. Why did this guy become a pilot? Because he wanted to take stupidity to newer heights!


2. Trust exercise. Will she make it, or won’t she?


3. Because you really really want to see your scared sh*tless look!


4. Who needs super smart sharks when there’s supremely idiotic human beings like this one?!!


5. The “Good Samaritan” thing be damned. It’s selfie time!


6. Finding your inner hippie at the scene of a gruesome accident. Somebody slap her!


7. Just because it’s a funeral doesn’t mean one shouldn’t look good, and take selfies!


8. There is no better time to take a group selfie than when the earth is shuddering at your stupidity!


9. That moment when you think, “Can’t help those poor schmucks. Ah, well! Might as well take a selfie!”


10. Being a pallbearer is just too “boring” for this genius!


11. Everyone knows no feeling is legitimate, or true, unless shared on social media!


12. More than a hundred people “like” the fact that this ginormous A-hole lost his Appa!


These pictures kinda make you wonder what the world is coming to, and you find yourself compelled to wonder, “What were they thinking?!!”


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