15 Self-love Quotes That Will Make You Mentally Stronger

11:00 am 26 Jul, 2018


Do you love yourself? Many will come up with the answer of course! However, can you truly look at yourself in the mirror and say with total honesty that you are totally in love with who you are. Did we hear some of you murmuring a no? Well, you are not alone! Often in this first paced world one thing that we forget is ourselves. To remind you of how beautiful you are and that you deserve appreciation too, here are some self-love quotes for you.

It is a reminder that if you are searching for true love and happiness then that should start with no one else but you.

1. You are the queen/king of your life!


self-love quotes 1


2. If you can’t enjoy your own company then why will anyone else?


self-love quotes 2


3. Do you think you are worthy?


self-love quotes 3


4. When you find peace with yourself, you will find peace in the world


self-love quotes 4


5. You are your knight in shining armor


self-love quotes 5


6. Take your wound by the collar and punch it on the face


self-love quotes 6


7. Say, I love myself!


self-love quotes 7


8. Dream with open eyes and believe in yourself



self-love quotes 8


9. If you see the beauty inside yourself, you will see it outside too


self-love quotes 9


10. Do you have a happy relationship?


self-love quotes 10


11. The only person who can save you is – YOU


self-love quotes 11


12. But, do you?


self-love quotes 12


13. You set your own value


self-love quotes 13


14. Never forget it!


self-love quotes 14


15. True!


self-love quotes 15

We wish these self-love quotes are a start in your wonderful journey of falling in love with yourself.