On Children’s Day, Sehwag Tweeted About India’s Youngest Martyr. Here Is What We Know About Him

5:26 pm 14 Nov, 2017


Whenever we think of children, pictures of innocence, smiles and frivolity are drawn in our minds. We know them as happy souls, an epitome of the Almighty. So, whenever it comes to celebrate Children’s Day, we choose to direct all our energies towards making the day fun and full of gaiety for our children. However, on this Children’s Day, we choose to be bit different and remember the youngest Indian martyr, who gave up his life happily for the welfare of our country.

The memorial of Baji Rout at Dhenkanal, Odisha. Facebook


The youngest martyr is none other than Baji Rout, a member of the Banar Sena (Children wing) of the Prajamandal Andolan. All of twelve years of age, Baji was mercilessly shot dead by British troops when he denied them to ferry across the Brahmani River on the night of 11 October 1938 at Nilakanthapur Ghat in Odisha’s Dhenkanal district.

A small troop of the mighty British Army were fighting few Prajamandal activists, after an outrage sparked outside Bhuban police station in Dhenkanal following the arrest of few innocent villagers. Unable to tackle the mighty activists, the British troop decided to flee the area by ferrying across the Brahmani river at the dead of night. This was when the Banar Sena activists stepped in to thwart the British.


Sadly, the story of the youngest martyr of our country was almost lost in the pages of history until, well, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag shared Baji’s story in a series of tweets. Here’s a glimpse of all the tweets shared by the swashbuckling cricketer on his Twitter account:

In a series of five tweets, Sehwag shared the story of Shaheed Baji Rout, who – in his 12 years of life – not only understood the meaning of freedom but dedicated his life to help in the Indian revolution in every little way he could.

It is true that many of us had heard about his little angel for the first time, but Twitteratti did not step back in showering accolades on Sehwag’s tweet as soon as the tweets were made. Here are few replies to Sehwag’s tweets –

We cannot help but agree wholeheartedly with this person. True enough, who knows how many Baji Rout’s had to give up their lives to the British soldiers.

Sadly, we don’t have much photographs of Baji Rout, except ones in his deathbed.

Even though the name of Baji Rout has lost in the pages of history, the Odiya youth has remembered this little hero even today. The Utkala Cultural Association at IIT Bombay honors one Odia youth with ‘Baji Rout Samman’ each year on Utkala Divasa as an emerging talent in various fields like science, arts, social work, and entrepreneurship among others.


We salute the courage showcased by not only Baji Rout but all his friends, who were of similar age, who gave up their lives smilingly for the country.

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