Sehwag Nailed It When Arnab Invited Him To Talk About Piers Morgan On Times Now

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:12 pm

Piers Morgan.

You know this name, right? Well, this British newsreader gathered fame overnight by passing filthy comments about India and the way it celebrated its win at Rio Olympics.

He tried targeting Sachin Tendulkar and never got any reply from him. Then he jumped over the Twitter king, Virender Sehwag by giving him 1 million challenge and got an indirect quirky reply.



No matter how hard he tried he failed to instigate Sehwag and got really hilarious replies. One like this:


As per, Sehwag’s recent tweet Arnab Goswami invited him on his talk show ‘News Hour’ to talk about Piers Morgan. Well, obviously it would have got a lot of TRP. The tiff between Piers Morgan and Sehwag is something everyone is interested in.



But, to our surprise, Sehwag not only denied the offer but also gave a pure gold reply about Morgan!


Sehwag did not even address Piers Morgan by his name rather called him ‘That British Guy’. This is enough to know that Sehwag is least interested in wasting any time of his time on him.

Meanwhile, here is what Shashi Tharoor has to say about Arnab inviting Sehwag to talk about Morgan:


Forget about Morgan, Tharoor seems to be REALLY pissed off with Arnab Goswami!