You Will Salute Virender Sehwag For What He Did For A Farmer’s Son

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12:29 pm 12 Nov, 2016

We knew Virender Sehwag as an amazing cricketer till he started tweeting. His tweets became world famous because of their wit and humor. Now, Virender Sehwag is the comedy king of Twitter. Sehwag’s unique birthday wishes on Twitter have already gathered much fame.



But, it’s not just his humor and wit that shows on Twitter. Sehwag along with his foundation ‘Virender Sehwag Foundation’ has helped a farmer’s son, who lost his leg in an accident, get a special leg .

In 2015, Satish from Uttar Pradesh, a poor farmer’s son, lost his right leg in an accident. They sold their fields to gather money for Satish’s treatment but failed. Then Satish decided to seek some outsider’s help.

Satish took to Twitter and tweeted about his helpless condition to Amritanshu Gupta who handles ‘Special Projects &Campaigns’ for Fever 104 FM.


Amritanshu thought of the best person who can help Satish and he took the matter to Virender Sehwag…


The matter was in the right hands! There was no looking back. Sehwag soon tweeted about Satish asking people for help.


Sehwag started ‘Poora Bharat Haath Jodega, Apna Satish Daudega’ campaign with the help of Fever 104 FM and the Virender Sehwag Foundation.


Sehwag appealed to people to help Satish financially as Satish needed a special artificial leg and his family couldn’t afford it.


Soon after Sehwag’s appeal, a Bangalore company that make special artificial legs came forward and provided the leg that Satish needed at a discounted rate i.e. 7.5 Lacs.


Many cricketers like Virat Kohli, Harbhajan Singh came forward to help. Virat Kohli sent a video appeal to his fans to come forward to help Satish.


Harbhajan himself contributed financially to the campaign to help Satish.


The collective support finally bore fruit and helped Satish.


Sehwag was able to collect the required amount in 11 days. He had this confidence that by joining hands together we can help someone in need and that really happened! Satish can now stand, walk and run just like any other person.

This humanitarian effort by Virender Sehwag definitely deserves a big hand!


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