See The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Locations In Reality; All Hail Production!

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9:30 pm 15 Oct, 2015


Asta Skujytė-Razmienė are real fans of ‘Game Of Thrones’. They dug out real film locations in Croatia and damn, what all can production do. A charming re-creation of  the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros require heavy production work and some major Photoshop. But well, who’s complaining when we’ve got a result as splendid as the six series of Game Of Thrones.

1. The Fortress of Kliss aka City of Meereen

Spot the Photoshopped edifice in the background.

tracing-game-of-thrones-filming-locations-asta-skujyte-razmiene-croatia-2 (1)-tile



2. Dubrovnik’s Old Town, where the sparrows preach

Now a barren corner.

tracing-game-of-thrones-filming-locations-asta-skujyte-razmiene-croatia (1)-tile

3. Papalićeva Street in Split became one of the streets seen in the slave rebellion scene

How the filters make everything look grave.



4. Baroque Staircase in Dubrovnik ak. the stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor (The King’s Landing)

Looks like a boring market place.



5. The basement of Diocletian’s Palace in Split – the home of the dragons

I can’t imagine how he’s feeling standing there minus the dragon and the fire.


6. The famous ‘shaming’ scene

Another shackle of the banal life.


7. Baroque Staircase With the famous ‘shaming’ scene

Wow, so they virtually erected this entire architectural piece here?

tracing-game-of-thrones-filming-locations-asta-skujyte-razmiene-croatia-26 (1)-tile

8. Fort Lovrijenac aka Red Keep (The King’s Landing)

Recreating a world in another world. Applause!



9. Outside the walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

The serene old waters v/s the sparkling vivacious waves. Wow!



10. Outside the walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

The fake archs and citadels.


11. The Mother Of Dragons can’t find them!

Hey, sexiest woman alive in 2015.


12. Trsteno Arboretum (Trsteno) – the Gardens of the Red Keep

It’s beautiful how we can breathe life into some barren places .


13. The basement of Diocletian’s Palace (Split)  aka Daenerys’ Throne Room

So, you mean to say there was no throne?



It’s not easy to infuse life in an old city and make it something entirely fictious. ‘Game Of Thrones’ brought us extravagant, mind blowing scenes all the time. And while we have never stopped raving about the awesome screenplay and sexy actors, I think we need to give some due credit to the extraordinary imagination of these designers and directors who brought us these splendid frames each time.




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