18 Ways To Seduce A Capricorn Male

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10:00 am 7 Jan, 2016

If you are planning to seduce a Capricorn, keep this ground rule in mind – Capricorns hate exhibitions and any kind of drama. Seclusion and prudence are most essential. Privacy is very important for a Capricorn. What happens in the bedroom of a Capricorn stays in his bedroom.

Capricorns are adamant about protecting emotions and reputations, if you cross this line, consider the relationship doomed. And if you are the type who is into PDA, then don’t even read further, this is a dead end for you.


1. Remain grounded and leave your eccentricities at home before meeting a Capricorn.

Capricorns only like to date grounded and stable people. And when we say stability, we are talking of the whole package – emotionally, mentally and financially.


2. They look for a love and style combo.

The Capricorn believes that you might have the passion, but a unique technique is a must too.


3. If they set their minds on you, then they’ll be fully committed.

And if you get fooled by the cool exterior, let us tell you that the insides are bursting with hot passion.


4. The older they get, the wilder they want to be.

These men are grounded in their younger years, and they get more eager to play as they get older.


5. They like to hit the nail on the head.

The amount of focus that these men have will surely impress you.


6. If you want them, say and do the right thing at the right time.

That is easier said than done, as you can never guess what is going on behind that cool exterior.


7. Don’t even think of discussing them behind their back.

Loose lips don’t attract them at all. Discretion is most essential.


8. Give them their space.


9. They will not discuss personal matters in public spaces.

They do not want anybody to overhear your personal moments.


10. If you really want to discuss private matters, send them an email instead of calling them.

Or ask him out for a drink at a bar across town. In all probability they will agree to this.


11. If you have been longing to seduce them, call them discretely.

Feel free to bare your feelings to them in the private.


12. The fact that you want to seduce them should be an unspoken fact, but the only fact that matters.

He should know in as few words, and as many discrete gestures, that you want him bad and now.


13. Try this line: “I like you and that seems to be the only thing that matters to me at this moment.”

Do not even try to play hard to get with them.


14. When it comes to sex, they don’t like to waste time at all.

Try these questions and you are sure to hit the jackpot:

“Would you like to come over for a cup of coffee?”

“I have a bottle of vintage wine, waiting at home for you.”

“I have this lovely book that you must read at my home.”


15. If they sense a chemistry with you, you will not need to waste money on roses and candles.

All the romantic circus of roses, candlelight dinners and the works makes no sense to them.


16. Ensure that you bring your proactive side to the forefront, these men hate lazy people.

Do your homework and keep your facts ready. You cannot afford to make any wrong moves.


17. They prefer sex and courtship the old way.

These men like to be courted and made to feel special. If you think they can be rushed into getting into your bed, then you are highly mistaken. They love the flirting, only they will never admit to it.


18. Sex jokes and sarcastic humor is a big NO with these guys.

Please be extra careful when joking. They can get really red in the face if you crack a lousy sex joke.


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