Don’t Call Women ‘Honey’ Or ‘Baby’; It Can Land You In Jail

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5:36 pm 11 Mar, 2016


It may sound a bit strange but it’s true! If you call a woman ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ against her will, you can land in jail.

Under Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), if a person utters a word,  make a gesture or do any act which is intended to insult the modesty of a woman, the person shall face imprisonment for a term.

Since many men and women are unaware about this law, Uttarakhand state commission for women is planning to hold special sensitization camps in schools and colleges.

The aim of the camp is to make youngsters aware of the  lesser-known aspects that can count as sexual harassment or violence against women.


Under Section 509 of IPC, you can be punished with one -year jail term baranews

Under Section 509 of IPC, you can be punished with one -year jail term

Chair person of the commission, Sarojini Kaintyura, said:


“Many women choose to ignore objectionable behaviour and suffer mental agony, but others didn’t know what counted as harassment or violence. So, we want the boys to know how (and how not) to behave with girls and the girls to realise when they (boys) are crossing the line.”

According to data with the commission, they have received 1,118 complaints related to harassment from April to December 2015.


Many women aren't aware of the law oneindia

Many women aren’t aware of the law

Kaintyura added that the camps will offer information about various pieces of legislation related to women.

Officials said that calling a woman names, making repeated offensive remarks, comments or jokes, displaying sexist or other offensive pictures or messages, and rumour-mongering about a woman’s private life, all fell under harassment.