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11 Secrets That Make You More Attractive

Published on 9 December, 2017 at 4:01 pm By

Perhaps you are not aware of it, but all people that you find irresistibly attractive have the same inner habits and similar attitude for life.


Can you answer for yourself, “Do you find yourself attractive”? If yes, why? If no, again, why?

Here, we’ll talk about some secrets that attractive people poses, and when you complete reading you can easily figure out what makes someone attractive and what makes someone unattractive. Let’s start:

1. Attractive people LOVE themselves.

This is the most important characteristic that they own. They have self-love and for that reason you love them too. They take care of themselves. When someone really loves themselves, you can’t help it to be attracted to them in any possible way. You need to interact with them, to share your best with them, even to hug them. Although, when someone doesn’t love themselves, you just want to back off. HOW to love yourself? You will find your answer in doing what is your passion. Go to the places where you find your greatest power. What is the thing you like to do? Go back to those things that you were passionate about. By doing them, you will feel great about yourself and your self-love will increase.


2. They are AUTHENTIC.

Since our childhood we have been taught to have idols and to admire people. Yet, no one was teaching us to like and embrace who we are. Moreover, we believed we will be good enough if we pretend to be someone else. That took us in wrong direction, moving us away from who we are. How will you find yourself attractive? The only way is to accept yourself 100 percent and to appreciate yourself totally. Just Be You.


3. They EAT HEALTHY not only to look good, but to feel great.


Make sure that healthy food, fruits and vegetables are part of your diet. When you eat healthy, you fell super good. By nature you radiate that energy from inside which brings light and positive feeling, so you instantly look better. Just remember, there is no ugly man or woman, only the ones who don’t take care of themselves. If you eat junk food, you will end up looking like junk. What is your choice..?


4. Attractive people make an EFFORT.

If you think that irresistible attractive people wake up and look the way you see them, you are wrong. Attractive people make an effort to look good. They actually make time to work out, nourish themselves, go to spa, and have massage. They take good care of themselves. Most of the time attractive people turn out to be people who are just well maintained.


5. Attractive people also have INSECURITIES.

Being attractive doesn’t mean being perfect. You will be attractive if you are in good relationship with your insecurities. When you learn how to deal with your insecurities, which means accepting who you are, you will love them even knowing they are not perfect. Furthermore, other people will start loving them too. Difference between attractive and unattractive people is that unattractive people just complain about what they don’t like and don’t do anything about it, while attractive people put an effort and do something about it. Remember, all of us are work in progress.


6. They know their BODY is not the most attractive thing about them.

The thing that is the most attractive is mind and energy within a person. When you feel good from the inside, you start looking good from the outside. Maybe we are realizing or not, but we are always attracted to someone’s vibrational energy. It’s the aura! Work on yourself inside out.


7. Attractive people know that APPEARANCE does matter.

If you want to look good, make sure you are doing it mainly for yourself. For example, clothes are your fashion statement and when you wear what you like, you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you wear sporty, casual or elegant. Just find your perfect fit.


8. They spend time with people who tell them they are BEAUTIFUL.

If you want to be attractive, surround yourself with people who will see your attributes and compliment you openly about them. The best support to achieve this includes interaction with good friends, parents, etc. They will be your booster.


9. Attractive people are in love with their LIFE PURPOSE.

You can choose to be anything and live your life as per that. It is so attractive to see people who are devoted to live their life’s purpose. They do not hesitate in considering whether they’re good enough. They know they are good enough to do what they love.


10. Attractive people know that you FIND the one you love by doing what you love.

You have to know what is your life’s mission in order to be attractive. If you fail to realize it, you doubt about yourself and your confidence is not up to the mark. For that reason conclusion comes that you are not worthy of other people’s attention. Nevertheless, find your mission and your confidence will hit the sky.


11. They are super KIND.

Generosity, as part of human nature, is very much appreciated. This happens naturally. I believe we have that in our DNA, serving others. Furthermore, it is always better to give than take. Irresistible attractive people know this. That makes them who they are.



As you can figure it out, inner progress is the main thing that can make a shift from unattractive to attractive person. All is up to you and your will to become the best version of yourself.


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