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9 Secrets Of 9 Actresses

Updated on 23 March, 2017 at 12:34 pm By

The movie industry glamorizes and glitzes up a person’s life. Having thousands of fans, being chased by the paparazzi, adorning exquisite jewels, donning designer clothes and attending the most lavish parties is how celebs spend their days. But it is not all glamor, money and fame. Being famous comes at a cost — a cost which reveals even the smallest detail of your life to the world.


Many a time, celebrities “create” secrets to remain in the limelight and such secrets can cost them everything. Take a look at the 9 most shocking secrets of 9 actresses.

1. Megan Fox

The “hot babe” from ‘Transformers’ is, undoubtedly, the most searched and one of the most beautiful actresses in town. But she has dirty, very dirty habits – she doesn’t flush the toilet.

In an interview in 2007, Fox revealed that she is a very messy person to live with. She leaves her clothes wherever she has changed them, doesn’t cook, and forgets to flush the toilet. She also reveals that she farts a lot and her ‘Transformers’ wardrobe smells of her farts.


2. Angelina Jolie

The almost ex-Mrs. Pitt had reached the pinnacle of her career by performing  a wide array of roles. From being Lara Croft to Mrs Smith, her choice of movies has always been dynamic. Not many know but she is one of those bold actresses to have endorsed nudity in movies.

The actresses who donned the birthday suit in the movie ‘The Original Sin’ is now worried about a nude bath scene in the upcoming movie, ‘By The Sea’.


After a double mastectomy, this will be her first nude appearance in a movie, opposite her husband Brad Pitt.

Being a parent to six children, many years back she had taken a vow not to do nude scenes but looks like she’s going to have to beak that vow.  


3. Shilpa Shetty

The ‘Shut up and bounce’ actress is envied by millions of ladies for her perfect hourglass figure. Being a mother and a wife hasn’t stopped her from becoming a fitness guru, a celebrity dance judge and an endorser for various products.

What many people must have forgotten is that she had a number of affairs before becoming Mrs Kundra. She grew very close to Khiladi No.1, Akshay Kumar in 1997 while filming ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’.

Not only that, Shetty was also charged by Raj Kundra’s ex wife for breaking her marriage and making Raj abandon their newly born child.


4. Sonakshi Sinha

The ‘Dabang’ girl has rapidly become an A-List actress. She has never failed to be in the limelight – be it choice of roles, association with Arjun Kapoor or losing weight to remain fit.

Recently, another gossip made rounds that she is the love child of Shatrughan Sinha and Reena, and not of Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha!

It is believed that when Shatrughan Sinha did his first movie ‘Kalicharan’ with actresses Reena, he fell head over heels for her. Reena, reciprocating his love, wanted to get committed with Mr. Sinha but couldn’t as he was married to Poonam Sinha.

What made people believe in this story was the uncanny resemblance of Sonakshi Sinha to Reena.



5. Miley Cyrus

Hollywood’s trouble child, the former Hannah Montana, started acting crazy at a young age. From her pole dance performance at the Teen Choice Awards to the infamous skimpily clad photoshoots, Miley has been creating headlines at Page 3.

Of all the ridiculous things that she has been part of (apart from twerking), she is reported to have given a lap dance to the much older Adam Shankmanat, at the age of 16. The incident is reported to have happened at a wrap party in 2009 and the eyewitnesses were flabbergasted to watch the teenage sensation simulate sex with a director who was 44 years old.


6. Kristen Stewart

Looks like there is something wrong with younger actresses. The famous ‘Twilight’ starlet who is also famous for dating Robert Pattinson and then cheating on him, is reported to be a lesbian.

In an interview, Stewart’s mother has been reported to hint to the fact that her daughter is attracted to women  and the actresses subliminally agreed to it. Post her breakup with Robert, she was allegedly in a relationship with her assistant, Alicia Cargile. This made the fans wonder if the entire love fiasco with Robert was true or was it a marketing gimmick.


7. Kangana Ranaut

The Queen is indeed the Queen of Hearts. Her entry into Bollywood happened some time back but she rose to stardom only after she was seen acting mind blowingly in ‘Queen’.

It is believed that she had a long affair with Aditya Pancholi, had a public brawl with him, switched over to Adhyayan Suman, moved onto Hrithik Roshan, then to a British doctor, and is now single.


8. Marilyn Monroe

Often regarded as the most beautiful woman, she had a troubled life. She was born in poverty, rose to stardom, was close friends with a President and his brother and died an unnatural death.

In an interview with a magazine, when asked what she wears to the bed, she has been reported to reply “Chanel No. 5”.

What many people do not know is that Monroe, many of her contemporaries like Shirley Temple and Judy Garland, were controlled by drugs and pills to get a realistic shot of emotions.

In her memoir, Shirley Temple unveils how she was forced to cry more realistically by the directors by constantly reminding her of her dead pets.


9. Malaika Arora Khan

Mrs. Arbaaz Khan can easily be tagged as one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood. She is a devoted wife, a fabulous dancer, a caring mother and has a body to kill for.

But, she also carries her heart on her sleeve. It is widely believed that when Arjun Kapoor was dating Arpita Khan, love blossomed between Malaika and Arjun on the sidelines.


As soon as the news of their fling started doing the rounds, Arjun Kapoor was banished from the Khan household and things became cold between Arbaaz Khan and his wife.


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