15 Things All Sisters Can Answer About Each Other Without Any Hesitation

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12:00 pm 7 Nov, 2015

Sisters are like readymade best friends, who stick with you for life. And since she knows you from the time you wore a diaper, there is nothing that you can hide from her. Since sisters are so thick, they know the most about each other.


1. Your most awkward childhood experience.

Did she spot you trying to eat the leftovers from the neighbor’s dustbin? Or were you at one point in time plotting to murder the neighbor’s kitten?

She will tell the tale every time the topic comes up. Well, unless you bribe her well.


2. The size and brand of your undergarments.

The sales girl at the clothing store will get the answer from your sister in a fraction of second. Not even your greatest life mysteries are hidden from your sister(s).


3. Stuff your parents did not know about your teenage years.

Remember the time you sneaked out of your bedroom window for a girls’ night-out? With your sister around, all of this stuff becomes public knowledge as years roll by.


4. Which character you preferred ‘Tintin’ or ‘Archies’ when you were in school.

All the answers to the trick questions are common knowledge for her. She even knows if you had a secret crush on a character in the book or movie.


5. She knows your deepest insecurity and you know hers.

As grownups, you will almost certainly guard each other’s secrets.


6. Your list of worst and best dates.

All of this is etched clearly in her head. And she is ever ready to drop the names. After all, there were many men, young and old, smart-asses, bad-asses or dumb-asses, who were dumped because your sister did not like them.


7. Reason why you hate pink dresses, aloo-mattar or otherwise adorable kittens.

She can identify the root of all your quirks. And she is ever-ready to drop comments (as and when the context comes up).


8. What you are implying when you make ‘that face’.

Family dynamics for the two of you become a piece of cake. With time, you develop a secret code of sorts – by making use of peculiar expressions – to communicate with each other.


9. Complete details of the first kiss, first date or the first fling; or the night you spent hours vomiting after the first breakup.

She’s going to tease you about all these till you turn grey. She basically knows about all your FIRSTS, good and bad.


10. All things important (and trivial) about your special someone.

Your hubby prefers red wine, hates to walk and get drunk easily; your sister knows it all.


11. Whether you are pretending or trying to cover up something.

She will tell you to just cut the crap and come to the point.


12. Your favorite dance numbers.

She is more than happy to tell the DJ to play them for you. And she even knows if you have some tracks (usually the kind you are ashamed of endorsing in the company of your friends) that you prefer listening to all alone in your apartment.


13. What irks you to the point of turning you mad.

And don’t worry; she will be quietly passing on this information to all your near and dear ones from time to time. She will make sure these people know what makes her sister insane just so they don’t freak out.


14. When you need to be apologized to.

Be it your life partner, your friends or anyone else – she will tell them on their faces when to apologize to you for their mischiefs. She knows your breaking point and what lifts you up.


15. When all you need is a hug and no sympathy, explanations or gifts.



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