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17 Tips To Completely Screw Up Your Life

Updated on 12 April, 2017 at 10:34 am By

Destroying your life is the easiest aim that you can ever achieve. You can screw it up without even doing a little hard work. Many have done it before, but of course, we don’t know their names. We will never know. Because their names are lost and forgotten unlike Gandhi, Newton and Picasso.


So here are some of the must-have traits that will accelerate your ambition and make you worthless too soon.

1. Keep repeating your mistakes and take no lessons.

For starters, let your mistakes be mistakes and never try to see them as life lessons. Never bother to learn anything from your mistakes. Continue doing mistakes as much as you can. It would keep you from making better choices in the future and making wrong choices is all you need to completely successfully destroy your life.


2. Surround yourself with the wrong people.

Go out and mix with the wrong crowd who never has anything good to talk about you. Who don’t talk about ideas but rather gossip around about people. You are the product of the people who you are surrounded with. So go ahead and be a part of the wrong crowd, forget who you really are and be amazingly miserable eventually.


3. Keep dreaming but never do anything to make your dream a reality.

Have dreams. Have some really fantastic dreams like traveling the world, exploring the seas. But never bother to chase your dreams. Keep procrastinating. Do everything to keep your dreams only dreams. Refuse to acquire the skills that might help you to make your dreams a reality. You will fail and appear like a complete fool after you succeed in failing.



4. Take advantage of the people who help you.

Use people to fulfill your petty needs and forget them as soon as you no longer need them. That will make you feel better for a while. But you will eventually burn down your bridges and the next time you need help, there will be no one.


5. Stay away from having any social interaction.

Refuse to talk to others. Be trapped in your own mind and inside your own room. Refuse to open up to people. Refuse to be expressive and let your ideas know. Kill your thoughts and close yourself to the world. You will end up living a life of loneliness.


6. Keep regretting till the day you are not dead.

Live a life of regrets. Regret everything and it will soon destroy everything you have. Always have a negative look towards the life you are living. Forget about the blessings you have received and just be an absolute pessimist. It will limit your future and make you hopeless.


7. Never forgive people for their mistakes.

Never forgive people. They might forgive your mistakes but when it comes to you, never forgive their mistakes. Always remember them and treasure grudges inside your heart. Doing so, you will always move around with a burden inside your heart. You will never be completely happy.


8. Blame others for the mistakes that you commit.

Find an excuse always. Behave like you are a victim of situations and seek the sympathy of people. Whenever a tragedy occurs, blame it on someone else. Blame it on a situation and cry over it. Never accept your mistakes when you can rather pass the blame on others and get away.


9. Think of life as nothing important and plan your death.

Think about killing yourself. Keep wondering what a pathetic life you are living and keep staring at the lives of people who are above you. Keep concentrated on the fun they are having and compare your life with them. You will find your life is not worth living and you will find committing suicide a better thing to do. Once you are gone, you have escaped everything.


10. Make decisions only when you are in wrong mood.

Make decisions when you are in the wrong mood. Make decisions when you are sad, drunk, angry or happy. In other words, make decisions when you are not capable of making an absolute logical decision. Let your emotions shape your decisions in life rather than logic or realism.


11. Occupy yourself with too much of television and social networking sites.

Waste the best part of your times in watching television or scrolling feeds on the social networking sites. Edison and Einstein had the same number of hours that you have and they made the most of it. But you should not. Your purpose is to destroy your life. So keep wasting your time on the petty things.


12. Spend all of your earnings on liabilities rather than assets.

Whenever you get a little money, spend it on buying liabilities like a new phone, a new bike even though you have them already and the old ones are fulfilling your purpose. Keep spending on liabilities and you will keep running short of money. Having no money is the best way to screw up your life.


13. Do not learn anything new.

Keep ignoring the need of learning new set of skills or the need of upgrading yourself. Keep telling to yourself that the old skills you have are enough to take you through. And one day you will realize how wrong you were  and how late you are.


14. Get through the school and college without learning anything.

Go to schools and colleges for the pure purpose of passing the exams and getting a degree. Don’t bother to learn anything. This will make you unemployable once you are out of the college and you will have no money to survive. Your parents might feed you for a few years but eventually you are going to hide in embarrassment.


15. Ignore the symptoms of any diseases you have.

Never care to visit a doctor when you see a tiny lump on your skin or get headaches constantly. Divert your attention and dismiss it as if it is nothing major and is not going to do any harm to you in anyway. Continue with this attitude and one day you will be too sick. You will rush to doctor and he/she might say you have come very late and the medication would cost all your fortune. Or worse, you have passed the phase when the disease could be cured.


16. Firmly believe that whatever you think is the absolute truth.

Believe that what set of beliefs and philosophies you have are the absolute truths. Shut your ears to the ideas of others. Keep living on your terms. You will never know how wrong you were till you are terribly screwed. But at least you will have your ego with you.


17. Never get over the mindset that the world revolves around you.

Remember how as a child you believed the most important thing in the world is you? That when you cried your mother, father, sister and all your relatives would rush to you to console you like you are the centre of the universe? Well, stick to that mentality. Never grow up. Never realize that to the world you mean nothing and all your problems mean nothing. You will be crushed to misery and poverty ultimately.



You have been warned!


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