18 Things About Scorpio Man Or Woman You Should Know If You Are In Love With One

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3:30 pm 25 Apr, 2018

If you think that you are in love with a Scorpio, you should know that your life has just been injected with a dose of profound mystery. Your Scorpio man or woman also has a dark and poetic side which will determine his or her intensity of romance with you.

Know what will come handy when you are in a relationship with a Scorpio.

1. Don’t try to control a Scorpio – let them flow like water.

Just like you can’t determine the flow of water, don’t try to suppress the love of your beau.


2. This man or woman takes love very seriously and expects you to do the same.

If this is your idea of a fling, then look elsewhere. The Scorpio is solely driven by emotions.


3. Nothing will be superficial with this person.

For a Scorpio, love runs deep inside his system or it does not exist at all. There is no middle path for this water sign.

They are almost stubborn about love and make it the purpose of their existence.


4. The Scorpio will be fully invested in you and might go to the extent of recording every important moment that he or she spent with you.

Love makes them illustrious and full of prose.


5. Being somewhat overly emotional, scorpions can be jealous and vindictive in love.

If you think making him jealous will get you his undivided attention, then you are in for a shock. Scorpions can get horribly jealous and lose all control over their emotions. Don’t push this person or s/he might be very unforgiving.


6. You will not be able to decipher this person by reading Linda Goodman.

If you are the type who generalizes after reading Linda Goodman, this party will be over very soon.

With a Scorpio, be ready to get surprised every single day.


7. A Scorpio will not be a lover who will indulge in public display of affection.

In fact, s/he might tell you not to touch him or her when not in the mood.


8. This scorpion does not need your sympathy or empathy, they just want you to listen.

And when s/he calls you at 2 am to tell you about an amazing escapade in Africa, sit up and listen intently.


9. They are too proud to ask for your help; if you genuinely want to help them, just love them unconditionally.

The give and take formula never works with them.


10. The only way to win their love and trust, is by being genuine and honest with them.

If you say I love you, mean it, or don’t say it. These men and women can smell a fraud from miles away.


11. Scorpions detest being judged, more so because they never pretend.

You should be grateful that they are sharing a part of their life with you in the first place.


12. Scorpions are deft at problem solving and they run their own PR mechanism.

In other words, they like to segregate situations in different categories, apply the valid filters and work on them accordingly.

They don’t need your help.


13. You can run but you cannot hide from a Scorpion.

Accept the fact that a scorpion knows your needs even better than you. Let them lead you and transform your life.

Give it a shot.


14. A scorpion will take time to accept his or her shortcoming.

But once they acknowledge it, they work very hard to get over it.


15. The rate of input in a scorpion is way faster than the rate of output.

So if you are looking for a partner who is impulsive, rash and careless, you will be terribly disappointed.

This person likes to think, rethink and think again.


16. If you want to take one thing from this relationship, learn to focus like them.

These men and women are usually winners in everyday life since they know the art of focusing on things and know it really well.

Once s/he sets eyes on you, nothing in the world can stop her/him.


17. These people have an elephant’s memory.

So be warned that they might forgive, but they will never forget, what you had said one fine evening on the beach in Kerala around five pm, five years ago.


18. Scorpions are doers not talkers.

If they say they will marry you, they will.



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