‘Scientist’ Rakhi Sawant Made Mockery Of Rape By Inventing This Bizarre Chastity Belt

4:10 pm 26 Oct, 2018


Rakhi Sawant has become another name of controversy. Whatever she says, does or sings becomes controversial. Many have given her the ‘drama queen’ title as well. Recently, she went overboard with her comments on Tanushree Dutta, who filed a defamation case against her after she attacked Tanushree with publicity tactics. More recently, Rakhi Sawant went on to organize a press conference and called Tanushree a man from inside and a lesbian while hiding her face with her flaming orange-pink pallu. And now, Rakhi Sawant’s chastity belt is creating waves.

She understands headline management. She knows well the difference between deriving mileage and provoking outrage. Rakhi alleged Tanushree of raping her and that too several times. She is canny and knows that #metoo is on the roll, so she started her #shetoo. She called Tanushree “a rapist because she is a lesbian”.




Being a woman herself, Rakhi came in front of the camera and held a press conference claiming that Tanushree raped her years back. Watch the video:



And now she is shouting out loud with her new chastity belt song! Watch how Rakhi became a scientist and invented the chastity belt.



She believes that to prevent rape, you need to lock down your vagina with a heavy Godrej ka taala.




So if you want to save yourself from getting raped, then you must use the chastity belt. This way you can save yourself from getting harassed and groped because your vagina is locked.




What kind of message is she delivering? The bizarre song propagates the institution of safety by locking your vagina so that you do not get raped.



This is something completely stupid and serious, as Rakhi Sawant has now started mocking the instances of rape. Her ‘invention’ supports the notion that it is a girl’s fault of not taking proper care to save herself. What do you think?



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